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Our clients go to interviews because we know how to write for recruiters, employers, and ATSs. We are a small team of expert resume-writers with a unique (secret) talent that puts ResumePro miles ahead of the competition and puts our clients in the interviews they want.

"I truly believe the quality of my resume was why I had so many calls for interviews. I was able to have ResumePro tweek multiple resumes to fit where I was applying and keep it relevant. I will use a Resume Pro on my next job search for sure!!"
Medical Office Assistant
"ResumePro was awesome to work with and am very pleased with how both my resume and cover letter turned out. I just want to thank you again for the amazing job you did. I sent out 3 resumes and got 3 calls back the day after. I got a job immediately!"
"I had an excellent experience! My resume turned out excellent and I ended up getting the job because of it!!! My interviewer told me that it was an excellent resume and they thought I would be perfect for the job. Thank you so much!"
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You Never

Looked So Good

You know you're a superstar!
We know it too!

Once you become our client, you’ll quickly learn how much we admire you. Naturally, you’re central to the development of your amazing new resume and cover letter, and, we’ll put you in the spotlight – but only for the Q & A. Afterwards, we’ll cut you loose and shift focus. Here’s why.

Developing a highly-customized and targeted resume that will stand out for the hiring decision-maker at the company you want to interview with is not about you. It’s about the company.

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The Company Will Love You!

Recruiters, hiring managers, and HR personnel are busy people. That’s why an estimated 76.5% of companies world-wide use ATSs to screen and filter the hundreds of resumes submitted for a single job opportunity.

Once the ATS has done its job identifying the cream-of-the-crop, its time for human eyes to give those superior resumes a six-second scan. While the ATS pushes through only impeccably-written and relevant resumes, humans scan for something beyond relevancy.

Humans scan for remarkability. We write remarkable resumes ATSs and recruiters love!

Because You’re Relevant

In the many ways a resume can fail, topping the list is “irrelevant to the company”. What does that mean? Simply put, in the recruiting and hiring world, an irrelevant resume is one that  merely lays claim to random skills, experience, and attributes that don’t closely match what the company is looking for.  It’s a “look at me” document delivering little-to-no value to the reader. Irrelevant resumes are the equivalent of the “me wall” many professionals proudly displayed back in the day, and are just as ostentatious. 

Because You’re a Fit

Almost all job-seekers know today’s resumes must describe material accomplishments. Although your work-related accomplishments are your own, it can be tough to describe in a sentence or two all of the “moving parts” set in motion and executed to accomplish particular tasks. ResumePro focuses tightly on describing relevant accomplishments meaningfully and succinctly, but more importantly, we so closely match your vital key accomplishments to the company’s requirements that the relevancy jumps off the page in just a six-second scan

Because You’re Perfect

Presentation is critical. A stand-out resume is one that quickly and clearly presents exactly what the company wants to see. We transform a vague “look at me” document into a company-focused “presentation instrument” through an essential system of collaboration and research that empowers us to deliver precisely what the company is looking for. Drawing from vital information sources, we incorporate that knowledge into a powerful and impressively-customized resume, presenting you as the perfect candidate.


Our clients go to interviews because we take a different approach to resume-writing. Different approach – different result. The resume-writing process is not about the client (that’s you). The resume-writing process is about the company the client aspires to work for. We write for the company. We’ve written for some world-class employers.

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"ResumePro kicks ass! I messaged Terri and got a very quick response, sent her my old resume and she went the extra mile and killed it! I recommend ResumePro to anyone needing help with a excellent resume! I will be keeping in touch for further help in the future! Again thank you a lot!" 
Home Mfg Tech
"ResumePro was a great idea; really made a difference in making a professional resume! Terri was really kind and nice to work with! I recommend this for sure."
Heavy Equip Tech Apprentice
"I never knew how wrong my resume was until I had an appt. with ResumePro. Terri had me in awe at how much better I could make it and why I've most likely not been called. Everyone thinks their resumes are good and done right, but they are old formats with old ideals. She's good!"
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"ResumePro came through for me in a pinch! I needed my resume and cover letter done in a hurry and since I haven't applied for a job in over 10 years, I didnt know the first thing. This service was so easy to use and now I have an amazing resume that I'm super proud of. I would absolutely recommend this service to all. ​"
"Resume Pro was very prompt and professional. I was very impressed with the final outcome of my C.V. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for this type of service." ​
Medical Lab Tech
"If you need an excellent resume and cover letter service, look no further. Terri will help you "jump through the hoops " and get your resume and cover letter noticed. She's very professional and knows what employers are looking for. Highly recommended."

Eqip Operator

How about a Fresh, New Look?

The little-known #1 mistake resume-writers make more often than failing to proofread is ignoring design! Don’t blow a fantastic job opportunity with a poorly designed resume!

We’ll redesign your resume for both ATSs and Recruiters ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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Redesign applies to layout and design elements only. Resume content remains intact.


We're ready to give it to you! Call and talk to a real-live expert resume-writer. No high-pressure sales tactics! You either need an amazing resume or you don't. Let's chat.