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It may not be rocket science, but it’s a science all the same. Our success formula is simple. We collaborate, network, and research the industries, companies, and roles our clients to get connected with. Armed with timely and relevant information, we focus on producing powerful, stand-out resumes that get our clients into the job interviews they want to be in.

It’s a simple formula that works – every time.


We are fiercely competitive and don’t like to lose. We are experts with attitudes on a mission to raise our success rate from 75% to 100% interview invites. It’s doable and we’re driven to get there.


We’re not in it for riches. Our low pricing reflects our passion for fame, not for fortune. We are determined to become the best resume-writing company in the arena. We may be there already.


We’re successful when you’re successful. We like that arrangement. Behind the scenes we put our expertise to work to help you make your mark. When you get what you want, we’ve made our mark.

About our Process

ResumePro takes a different approach to resume-writing that gets results. It’s not rocket science – it’s common sense.
We know what employers, recruiters, hiring managers, and ATSs want to see. We give it to them. Every time. We do a lot of research – a lot. It’s our schtick. We get to know our clients’ trades, occupations, and professions intimately.

We research the companies our clients aspire to work with and develop sharply-targeted and highly-customized resumes and cover letters to impress the socks off of the hiring decision-makers at those companies.

About Our Network

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We build relationships with company-owners big and small. Through Chamber of Commerce events and industry networking opportunities, we get valuable face-time with the ultimate company “insiders”.


Our hip pockets are full. We are partnered with dozens of recruiters eager to work with us because we make their jobs less time-consuming. They make ours more efficient. It’s a win/win that results in big victories for our clients.

Hiring Managers

They like us for the same reason recruiters like us – we make their jobs easier. Unlike recruiters, hiring managers are positioned within the companies they hire for. They give us, and our clients, an important competitive edge.

Job Fairs

Perhaps our richest source of information, job fairs offer walk-up opportunities to talk with and learn from the hiring decision-makers. We’re like kids let loose in a candy store, filling our pockets with sweet “insider” nuggets.

Tradeshows & Expos

The gateways to vital relationship-building opportunities are wide open at these info-rich events. Developing critical connections leading to long-term partners enriches our knowledge which benefits our clients.


For online professional networking, LinkedIn is an invaluable resource. We spend a lot of time on LinkedIn and know how to grab attention on that platform. We are making a dramatic impression on LinkedIn recruiters.  

Why choose us?

Shop around then come back to discover the many ways ResumePro annihilates the competition!

We wouldn’t dream of asking you to pay for your amazing new resume and cover letter until you are over-the-moon in love with them. You pay nothing until you’re in orbit.

We keep our process simple and client-focused. How you deliver the information we need to develop your amazing new resume and cover letter is up to you – phone, text, email, or a combination of all.

Who you are and where you are on your career path does not categorize you in our pricing scheme. We have no scheme – one low price for all.

We impose no limit on edits and revisions. “Good enough” is not in our vocabulary! We insist on absolute perfection and will edit and revise to your heart’s content. No limit.

You are not “on the clock”. From initial contact to finished product, we work around your schedule accommodating you as you have availability. We impose no “must complete by” date and no expiration date.

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You’ll be amazed with your new resume and cover letter! 
We invest a great deal of time in each resume we write, and it shows!
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Meet Terri

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ResumePro’s Top Resume-Writing Expert

Meet the Pro

“I’ve been writing resumes a long time, yet it never gets old. I love the variety and diversity that comes with each new client and resume project. What makes resume-writing both fun and challenging at the same time is seeing in people what they don’t see in themselves. I love the feedback clients give me when they see their new resume and cover letter.  “Amazing” and “I love it!” are among my favourites, but above all, I love to hear: “I got the interview!”

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