It's the easiest thing in the world to do. One simple thing to transform your cover letter from yawn to yowza! Wanna make your cover letter (and resume) float to the top of the interview pile? Do this...
Amid all the Covid-19 doom and gloom, job-searchers may be forgetting a key bit of good news. You have more control than you think you do. Wanna know how?
Resume examples are meant to show you what you can expect to get when you hire a company to write your resume. Apparently, they're confident you'll be impressed - enough to pay their price. But consider this: is it you who needs to be impressed, or is it the recruiter, hiring manager, or employer?
Why do recruiters love this resume template? Because it checks all the boxes. Clean. Simple. Accomplishment-rich. Informative. Just what an amazing resume should be!
Things have changed. During these uncertain times it's normal to feel anxious and discouraged about getting a job. But there is a way.
Recruiters and hiring managers know a cookie-cutter letter when they see one. They're as obvious as a fart in an elevator. Do this instead and stop stinkin' up the joint.