Resume examples keep man unemployed

1 plain truth about resume examples that can hurt your job search

I know what you’re seeing when you scour the web looking for resume examples. I scour the web all the time looking at resume examples, mainly to verify that, yep, there’s still a ton of garbage out there.

What I’m discussing here is not resume samples. Resumes samples are what you’ll see when you Google “resume samples”. You’ll get thousands of them. Samples are the producer’s idea of what a resume should like.

Unless we do a deep dive into the producer’s professional background, we won’t know what makes him or her an expert on what a resume should like. (I can tell you this though…none of the people offering up these resume samples is a recruiter or a hiring manager!)

I contend that perhaps 1% of those offering resume samples online are resume-writing experts.

Resume examples show you what you’ll be paying for.

For job-seekers desperately needing help to write a decent resume, and landing on these web pages displaying resume samples, I say, steer clear!

Trust me, I research these web pages everyday. I want to see what’s out out there, on offer to the good folks searching for resume help, and as importantly, I want to be very careful not to disparage the few (very few) who do offer good resume samples.

But today we are not discussing resume samples. Today we are looking at resume examples. Resume examples are presented by companies who write “professional” resumes for job-seekers. (I still haven’t figured out what a “professional” resume is).

Anyway, we’ll call them Professional Resume Writers, since that is how most of these companies present themselves. Many give examples of their work on their websites. So this is what we’re looking at today – examples of “professional resume-writers” work.

Resume examples are meant to show you what you can expect to get when you hire that company to write your resume. (Or, at least that’s my take on it.) Apparently, they’re pretty confident you’ll be impressed – enough to pay their price.

But consider this: is it you who needs to be impressed, or is it the recruiter, hiring manager, or employer?

Lets take a look at an example of a company’s work and I’ll tell you why you need to steer clear of companies who do this kind of work.

Resume Example
Resume Example from a real company I chose not to name.

You don’t even have to read the resume example. Just look at it.

The format used here is the so-called modern resume format.

It is neither ATS-friendly nor human-reader friendly.

I recently did a big article on the modern resume format, which you can read here, so I won’t go into too much detail in this article. Suffice to say however, the designers of these optically-interesting resumes have no idea how to write for either ATS or human readers.

The modern resume format was designed by someone (no one seems to know who) with an artistic flair. Rest assured, it was not a resume-writing expert and nor was it a recruiter.

Recruiters hate the modern resume format. Here are two articles by true industry experts to substantiate my claim: The Template Trend You Should Avoid by Jobscan, and Creative Resumes Might Be Keeping You Out of Work by Lisa McGrimmon, Career Strategist.

But trust me when I say, I know recruiters hate the modern resume format because I correspond with recruiters all the time.

I wouldn’t be doing my job efficiently if I didn’t reach out to recruiters to find out what’s working and what’s not working in resume-writing.

The modern resume format is not working.

So how are resume-writing companies selling these modern-style resumes to unsuspecting and trusting job-seekers?

I’ll tell you how. They do it by impressing the client (you) who, after all, is the one with the money. If the clients’ potential employer was paying for the resume-writing service, I dare say the resume would be written to impress him, and trust me, the modern resume format would not be the way to do that.

Resumes are not meant to be an art project.

What I’m saying is, job-seekers are impressed by these pimped-out modern resumes because they themselves don’t know what a truly expertly-written resume looks like.

When a job-seeker sees their new modern resume, developed by whomever they hired to “design” it, they’re like, “Wow! This looks amazing!”

And if resumes were meant to be an art project, I suppose the modern resume would win some kind of ribbon. But trust me, your resume is not meant to be an art project.

You’re a job-seeker. You are not a resume-writer. If you were, you wouldn’t be considering hiring a “professional” resume-writing service.

Perhaps you haven’t written a resume in 10 or 15 years and have no idea what a resume should look like. Perhaps you have less idea what actually goes into writing a truly impressive resume.

So, you go online to get some ideas to DIY your new resume, or perhaps, you start searching around for a resume-writing service.

resume examples

Either way, you stumble upon a lot of resume samples and examples, most of which are depictions of the modern resume format that you think looks amazing, but that ATSs and recruiters absolutely hate.

You don’t know ATSs and recruiters hate the modern resume format, so you think to yourself, “Well, that’s what my resume should look like.”

Then you think, “But, sh#* man – I don’t know how to make my resume look like that with all those icons, and bubbles, and columns, and colors, and a nice big border.” So now what?

The reason the modern resume is being heralded the resume format to use in 2020 is really quite underhanded. It’s a scam, designed to compel you to hire a “professional” resume-writer who can make your resume look the way they tell you it should look.

The sophistication of design is intimidating to those not word-processor savvy. Few people know how to get all of those design elements into a word document. You have to know your word processor inside-and-out to find and use all of the various design functions that make these modern resumes look the way they do.

That intimidation is what the producers of the modern resume bank on. They’re hoping your overwhelm will force you to hire their resume-writing service to make your resume look the way they’ve convinced you it’s supposed to look in 2020.

It’s B.S.

Your resume is not an art project. Not in 2020 and not ever.

Why not use a simple, user-friendly resume template that ATS and recruiters love?

Your resume is a plain and simple document that contains information – nothing more and nothing less. Recruiters and hiring managers are not impressed by graphics, icons, colored bubbles, or any other over-the-top design features.

And ATSs? ATSs can’t even “read” these all-over-the-map art projects with their bells ‘n whistles getting in the way of the information the ATS needs to find.

If you haven’t read my piece on modern resumes yet, do it now. I don’t want you to waste your time and effort trying to design a modern resume, only to end up frustrated and disappointed after spending hours or even days on it and sending out 40 of them with nary a single call for an interview.

Here’s your take-away. Steer clear of the modern resume format and use my proven-to-get-results Resume Format Template. This thing is clean and simple.

This is the resume format I use on every resume I write, and trust me, my clients are going to job interviews. Recruiters love this resume format because it’s clean, giving them the information they’re looking for in an easy and quick read.

Even the most inexperienced typer in the world will end up with a near-perfect resume using this resume template. You can use it in Google Drive, Google Docs, MS Word, Libre Writer – any word processor you’re comfortable with.

Use my Resume Format Template. You won’t go wrong. Maybe grab your FREE copy of HOW TO WRITE A KILLER RESUME! to get step-by-step guidance on how to use the template!

One last word. My expert resume-writing advice does not necessarily apply to those seeking career opportunities in creative fields, including web development and design, the graphic arts, visual ad copy, social media marketing, etc. You guys can definitely get creative with your resumes!

how to write a killer resume

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