Hey Job-Seekers! Did You See the New Thing on Indeed!

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Trolling Indeed.ca the other day, I noticed something new. Did you see it?

The big, orange Apply button now says “Apply if Qualified”. Having a pretty good idea what that was about, I wanted to confirm my suspicions and reached out to Indeed’s Customer Service department. Client Success Specialist, Sara Buonvivere, got back to me right away with this: “Due to the feedback from employers, our product teams have added the “if qualified” verbiage to this button to encourage job seekers to ensure they are qualified for the role they are applying for. The hope is that it will prompt job seekers to read through all the relevant details of the job. This is both in the interest of the job seeker and employer”. So, yeah, my suspicions were confirmed.

98% of Job Applicants are Unqualified

Later that same day, I happened to be chatting with one of my recruiter contacts at a well-established Calgary staffing agency who told me that “2% of the applicants sending in resumes [to her agency] are qualified for the jobs they’re applying for”. Two per cent! Now that, I did not know.

But with the economy being what it is here in Alberta, it’s not surprising to hear. People are desperate for jobs – they’ll apply for anything they think they have a hope in hell of getting. And that’s okay, but there’s a trick to showing you’re qualified to apply for the jobs you’re applying for. It’s all about the resume.

What I wrote in my incredibly-helpful e-Book: HOW TO WRITE A KILLER RESUME!, is supported by each of the comments I shared with you above. Early in the book I explain why reading job ads with a magnifying glass is so critical before you start writing and firing-off resumes. That’s what Sara was saying: “The hope is that it will prompt job seekers to read through all the relevant details of the job”. Qualifications are everything to the employer! If you don’t show the employer you are qualified to do the job he or she needs done, you don’t have a hope in hell.

But Here’s Some Good News!

I came across a great post on reddit’s r/resumes sub written by a friggin’ genius (as far as I’m concerned:) He talks about using keywords and phrases in your Indeed job search to open up a whole new world of opportunity using the qualifications you do have! My reddit friend kindly consented to me sharing his post with you, so have a look: My Analysis of Job Keywords and How to use them Effectively. 

Then, go grab your FREE e-Book, HOW TO WRITE A KILLER RESUME! It’s actually a workbook, designed to help you write your killer resume by the time you reach the book’s end, which probably won’t take you more than a couple of hours. It’s written in plain language, easy to understand and follow, and is full of “how-to” examples. It gives you a free Resume Format Template to make sure your resume is laid out properly. At the end of the book I give you a full resume and cover letter sample to model your own resume and cover letter after.

If it seems like too much bother to learn how to customize your resumes to show you’re qualified to apply for the jobs you want to apply for, you’ll likely remain in that 98% unqualified group of applicants. And that would be unfortunate.

Why not give yourself the best shot you can at the job interviews you want?

Get HOW TO WRITE A KILLER RESUME! and give it a go! Best of luck!

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