BORED ALREADY? 13 Fun Things To Do During Self-Isolation

For some, isolation can be a welcome opportunity to tackle a long-neglected to-do list. For others it can be an absolute drag.

Many will indulge in the good old, highly-favoured Netflix-binge-watch-marathon, and admittedly, what could be better? When you’re stuck indoors limiting human contact, why not hunker down with your favourite shows and maybe discover some hidden gems as well?

For those all caught up on their Netflix viewing and getting antsy for something a little more stimulating, here are 13 (relatively) fun things you can do to quell the urge to get out of the house.

1. Sleep: nothing feels better or is better for you than sleep. Sleep-in, take naps, and doze-off like Grampa whenever you feel like it.

2. Rearrange your furniture: when your energy kicks in from all that sleep, you’ll need an outlet.

3. Paint a wall mural: unless your Picasso, it’ll probably be temporary, so just have fun – you can paint over it later.

3. Bake: few things can ease anxiety like warm cookies and brownies. (Hope you’ve got milk!)

4. Try a new DIY hairstyle and/or color: you’ll have plenty of time to fix it if something goes horribly wrong.

5. Start your online Christmas shopping: you don’t have to pay right now- just fill up your online carts.

6. Shoot how-to YouTube videos: everyone’s good at something and people use YouTube to learn everything from cooking to coding.

8. Discover your family lineage:

9. Take an online course in something you’ve always wanted to learn, or just YouTube the crap out of it.

10. Learn how to do graphic design (just for fun) with a free program like Inkscape or Gimp. CAUTION: May be addictive.

11. Build a website: there are a ton of free drag ‘n drop website builders out there; create something!

12. Sell your crap: you’d be surprised what people will buy on Ebay

13. Contemplate a job change, a promotion, or a raise, and write a killer resume to get it!

Have you ever told yourself you need to start thinking about getting a different job? Or a promotion? Or a raise? Of course you have, because virtually everybody thinks about it at some time or other in their careers.

However, most don’t get past the “thinking about it” stage. Most debate with themselves viable reasons to stay in their crappy job, of which income is the #1 consideration. Even when weighing the pros and cons of leaving versus staying, many will stay stuck in that flip-floppy phase indefinitely, ultimately justifying their indecisiveness, because after all, at least they can afford to order in Skip the Dishes once a week.

Largely, it is the fear of loosing income that keeps people frozen in shitty jobs, but changing jobs doesn’t have to mean loosing income. The beauty of looking for a new job while you have a job is that recruiters and hiring managers prefer employed candidates over unemployed applicants.

I do my research and trust me – it’s a well-publicized fact that recruiters and hiring mangers favour employed candidates. When you’re employed, you’re in-demand, and, you have negotiating clout. (But that’s a different topic for another day.)

Now’s the time. You have nothing to loose and only opportunity to gain. Use your isolation time to explore LinkedIn, Indeed, and your local Recruiting Agencies for a plethora of new career opportunities.

Since you have nothing but time on your hands, it’s a great time to write one highly customized resume and targeted cover letter that will be your “working documents”. Then, when an excellent opportunity pops up, all you have to do is tweak each one to fit the job postings you want to apply to. And voila! – you’re done.

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Terri is an expert resume-writer and a pretty good job coach. During her 30 years in the conventional work force, Terri was fired from 11 jobs, got laid off from 2 jobs, quit 3 jobs, sued 1 employer (successfully), made another cry, and wrote over 100 resumes for herself alone! Since embracing the good old “take this job and shove it” attitude, Terri decided to put all of her shitty “workin’ for the man” experiences and life-lessons to good use, and thus was born Enjoy!